October 2011 Meeting

by Linda Capaci

What a fun evening, October 13 at the El Toro Library! DORI DEWBERRY honored USPA not only with her beautiful painting, but with her expertise in pastel and her great sense of humor. She was very much at ease as she joked with her captive audience.

meeting2011_10_1.JPG Dori says she gets excited about composition and color and can't wait to get started, however she is still struggling to understand value...really? I think she understands it quite well as was evident when she began demonstrating. We were all blown away. Dori worked on U-ART (500 grade) paper which is softly sanded and began working with Nu-Pastels then went to Terry Ludwig's soft pastel for broader strokes occasionally integrating Nu-Pastels on certain areas. Some members had concerns about Nu-Pastels not being archival. She had no worries with that aspect and said as far as she knew they were.

meeting2011_10_2.JPG After doing her preliminary sketch, she brought out paint! We were in awe at the idea of using paint as an under painting. Dori said by using this method she was trying to relate color to value. These paints were pure pigment water based and she loved them because they were so vibrant in color. The paints were Guerro Paints from N.Y. where she purchased them while doing a Kitty Wallace workshop. (Guerro Paints are on the internet if interested.)

meeting2011_10_3.JPG She randomly applied red paint to all the foliage (complimentary to the green, but said she does not always use complimentary colors) and yellow for the sky. She then applied a deep thalo blue for the shadows...gorgeous! She later dried the paints with a hair dryer and began applying her pastels. What beautiful results this made, so vibrant, the greens popped over the red. She says she likes working with Robert Burridge's Color Wheel, she feels it's colors are more true then other wheels and gives her a better perspective on what colors she is going to use. Dori enjoys putting in colors she feels the eye doesn't expect to see. In her deep shadows she added a bit of deep purple and it looked fantastic. She tends to randomly pick colors, has no idea what she is going to use and it's not preplanned but somehow it all comes together beautifully.

As usual, a raffle was done at the end of the meeting and the lucky winner was Berry Keller. He walked away with a beautiful landscape, an original Dori Dewberry!!!

Want more Dewberry techniques? She does a workshop at Santiago college. Or, visit: dewberryfineart.blogspot.com .

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Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, April 28th, from 11am to 1:00PM at Alica Sotherland's studio in Escondido. It is free to members. There is a $5.00 drop in fee for non-members. Members will have Alica's address emailed to them and guests need to be invited by members.

If you were at the meeting Alica demoed at two years ago or have watched Alica's videos on Facebook you know that the accent will be on, not only amazing artwork, but fun. This one is going to be a "don't miss" meeting.

Map and Directions

Meetings are normally held the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 at the
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