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Barry Keller

Barry Keller

Barry Keller added a striking new piece of furniture to his studio last month, a custom hand-made poplar and birch table, made with Barry's own hands.

"It only took 18 months but I finally finished my new worktable for my studio. It comes in four pieces and took four of us the better part of an hour to get it up the winding staircase in our house, into my studio and assembled. I have filled it with artwork, frames, papers and boards. I started a woodworking class on Saturdays, yeah, 19 months ago. All I wanted was to build a table for my art studio. It seemed easy enough. I wanted something tall enough so that I didn't get a sore back when I worked on cutting a mat or framing a piece of art. I also wanted some sort of flat-file system to hold my papers ...and finished drawing, plus something to hold my mat boards and mat cutter and other things as well.

"I showed a drawing to the instructor and she never said anything like, "Isn't that a little ambitious for a first project?" though she should have." The table is made for Barry's size; it is six feet long, 43 inches tall and 33 inches deep. The five flat-file drawers are 44 inches wide and 30 inches deep. "The thing I like best is that it is 100% wood; no fiberboard of any kind," says Barry. Of his plans now that the project is completed, Barry says it would be "nice to actually do some painting for a change."

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